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About the Artist

Rose Metsa
Born:  Silvis, Il.  02/06/76
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Education:  Bachelor’s majoring in Art, Illinois State University
Group Sculpture Show, Center for the Visual Arts Gallery, ISU '01
Donation:  Art Auction, Fundraiser for disabled children in Mongolia, '07

Rose MetsaArtistic approach and inspiration:
Although a majority of my art skills have developed through classroom settings since childhood, only within the last five years have I found my own personal style of painting.  I believe it is through many hours of practice that one can become close to the art itself, when logic blurs and creativity reigns.  It is in these intense creative modes that I paint, but there is very rarely premeditation for any kind of outcome.  It is always the color that I come back to; I am obsessively in love with it, the bright blues, the deep black reds, the pure luxury of perfect white, and the spritely yellows and oranges. The subjects that appear on the canvas are dear and emotional, tragic and beautiful.  Revealing the inside of some of the subjects has become a natural progression that  stems from the notion that the inner being or soul is the most intriguing thing about any being or creature, without it a creature is mort, empty.

Influences:  Van Gogh (Dear Vincent), Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Frieda Kahlo

“In my view I am often immensely rich, not in money, but rich because I have found my metier, something I can devote myself heart and soul and that gives inspiration and meaning to my life.”  Vincent Van Gogh


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